These Photos are of a custom trellis built to cover a paved patio. This trellis is 16'x16' and all interlocks to make it really strong. 

     The roof was covered with a smoked poly carbonate panel to add shade. You can see in the photos that some light gets through 

     but the panels make it seam much cooler on a hot day. Since these photos were taken, we have installed receptacles, a switch and

     a ceiling fan. the homeowners have given raved reviews of the functionality and value of this project. 



    These Photos are of a custom vanity built by Marcolini Inc. The vanity is made completely of solid oak and was varnished 

    with a tented product to match the warm glow of the homes original trim. Marcolini Inc. also installed a new medicine cabinet 

    and light fixture to make the bathroom much more usable and up to date.    

      *All plumbing work for this project was completed by Bondurant Plumbing of Hillsboro.



     These Photos are of a bathroom in a home addition Holcomb Construction Inc. built. The homeowner hired Marcolini Inc. to install the tile 

     and trim work in this room. The flooring is a 14x14 ceramic tile with an in floor heat system. The shower is a cultured marble base with 4x4 white tile

     on the walls. The seat was custom made to extend inside and outside of the shower. Marcolini Inc. also made all the custom trim for 

     the half walls. We also installed vanities, mirrors, light fixtures and custom shelving unit.     

      *All plumbing work for this project was completed by Bondurant Plumbing of Hillsboro.



    This project was one of our favorite of all time. The homeowner allowed Marcolini Inc. to design and build this fireplace completely in place. 

    The living room was being remodeled at the time so we were able to set up right in the room and build this one of a kind piece. The fireplace 

    was installed with the vent going through an exterior brick wall which added a bit of difficulty. The marble hearth was laid directly on the 

    existing concrete floor and the carpet layer laid right up to it. The transition ended up seamless which as the design idea. This project turned 

    out to be the focal point of the home. Everyone who visits has to step into the room and take a look at it for themselves. 



    This is a solid oak custom sign made for CNB Bank & Trust, N.A. (Hillsboro Branch) The sign was made and 

    installed by Marcolini Inc. to match the companies new corporate logo. The entire sign was cut freehand and 

    was stained in two tone to match up with the two color logo. The sign has a great look since each letter was 

    installed initially on the drywall soffit.




    This project was a really fun one to work on. Marcolini Inc. was hired to install a custom fireplace and surround in the corner of a living room. The 

    main design issue was that there was a window from the kitchen right about the proposed location.  The entire surround was build in place using a 

    variety of custom trim pieces. When it was complete, the surround fit perfectly under the window and looks like it was always there. The entire 

    process only took a few days and the end result is breathtaking. The once boring corner is now the focal point of the living room. 

    *Fireplace unit supplied by A&D Electrical Supply of Litchfield

    *Gas line installation for this project was completed by Bondurant Plumbing of Hillsboro.



    This is a bathroom that is currently under construction. Marcolini Inc. was hired to install the porcelain tile floor and tub surround. The design was a 

    compilation of the two owners, Marcolini Inc. and a very helpful golden retriever. The floor is a "hopscotch" pattern with accent tiles mixed in and the tub 

    surround is combination of half stagger and a 45 degree patterns. All the tile was grouted with an epoxy (waterproof) grout which coordinates with the tile 

    perfectly. Once the bathroom is completed, we will post new photos, but for now, these will have to do. 




    This was a very rewarding project for all of us. Marcolini Inc. installed this very nice hickory hardwood flooring through an entry way and down a 

    basement staircase. The owners selected a very unique pattern to accent the angled entry door and the approach to the basement stairs. The band 

    boards and trim pieces for the stairs were custom made by Marcolini Inc. and finished to match the pre finished flooring. I am sure this project will be 

    the focal point of the home for years to come. 

    *The general contractor for this project was Holcomb Construction Inc. of Hillsboro.




    A functional grape arbor built entirely of historic barn timbers. The owners father had torn down an old barn in the 70's and the timbers  had been

    stored in a family shed since then. After some thought, the owner decided to get them out and Marcolini Inc. constructed this one of a kind 

    structure to add to the charm of a very productive home garden. The original mortises were left to show for interest and new mortis and tenons 

    were cut to construct the arbor. When you hear people say they don't build them like they used to ... they don't know Marcolini Inc. We have 

    the tools and the know how to reconstruct or recreate architecture to celebrate the heritage of our past. With a close eye you can see the 

    functional wood through dowels that hold the tenons in the mortises just like the original barn was built.  




     This is custom cabinetry build to resemble an inspiration piece selected by the owner. Then vanity is constructed of solid walnut, 

     features recessed doors and soft close hardware. A framed mirror was also custom built by Marcolini Inc. to match. In the 

     opposite corner of the room there is a closet with a drywall opening, Marcolini Inc. custom built a face frame and door set to 

     finish off that space perfectly. This is a great example of what can be achieved when you find a photo of something you like but

     it does not come in the right size or it is not available in the finish you want. All you have to do is clip out the photo and we can 

     work around the styling to achieve a custom piece just for you. 



    These are a few photos of a tile shower room tiled by Marcolini Inc. Photos were  taken prior to final cleaning which is why you can see some 

    faint glaze on the tiles. Some stand out features were custom built seats, tile ceiling and a custom tile border designed and made just for 

    this shower. As you can imagine, it is hard to photo a space so small but these at lease give you an idea of what is possible with tile and imagination. 

    *The general contractor for this project was Holcomb Construction Inc. of Hillsboro. 

    *All plumbing work for this project was completed by Bondurant Plumbing of Hillsboro.



    This project was a very rewarding one. This entryway originally had a spiral staircase in it. The staircase was removed and a new staircase was         

    installed in a different area of the house. This major change allowed the entryway to be completely redone with new slate flooring. The slate used for 

    this project is a natural slate tile. This type of flooring has a large variation of colors and textures. At the rear wall of the entryway there is a stone 

    fireplace which was a challenge to say the least. Each tile was custom cut and coped to achieve a perfect grout joint along the base of the stone. Kelly 

    Marcolini was responsible for the masterful cutting in this area. The slate flooring extended into a adjoining bathroom. The vanity for the bathroom 

    was custom built by Marcolini Inc. from knotty alder wood and features lighted stain glass doors. 

      *All plumbing work for this project was completed by Bondurant Plumbing of Hillsboro.




     This bathroom was completely rebuilt with modern finishes and fixtures. Marcolini Inc. installed pre made cabinetry and granite countertop which was a 

     huge upgrade for the bathroom. Existing wall studs were notched to allow a medicine cabinet to be installed over sink (semi recessed). New light fixtures 

     were added on either side of the medicine cabinet. The shower base is cultured marble which is a great choice for looks and performance. The owner 

     selected a 12x24 wall tile which was installed on a third stagger. This pattern renders very few grout joints and therefore a very seamless look. Marcolini 

     Inc. also supplied and installed the frameless clear glass shower surround.  

      *All plumbing work for this project was completed by Bondurant Plumbing of Hillsboro.




     This kitchen was completely remodeled by Marcolini Inc. The cabinets were custom built and installed to maximize storage in a small space. All doors 

     and drawers contain Blum brand soft close hardware which makes for a nice feel and sound. Crown molding was custom made for this job to really dress 

     up the top of the cabinets. The ceramic tile floor was installed with a one-third stagger pattern which turned out really nice. Glass tile backsplash was 

     installed by Marcolini Inc. as well. 



     This was a great project with very unique challenges. The existing carpeted floor was removed and underlayment was installed. The new marble floor was 

     installed on top of a heated floor system. This bathroom is huge and when done, was quite striking. The marble seems to go on forever. Marcolini Inc. 

     custom designed and built the furniture style his and hers vanities. They are painted white which stands out great with the gray marble floors and dark 

     granite countertops. 



     This customer came to Marcolini Inc. with a common problem, a new television and a lot of home electronic pieces. With the customer's input, Marcolini 

     Inc. designed a custom piece to solve the problem perfectly. This piece is made of solid oak, has two drawers for storage and a open slot for the    

     electronics. All the wiring was cleaned up and hid behind the piece in an organized way which will make for easier maintenance and cleaning in the future.



     This bathroom was completely remodeled by Marcolini Inc. All existing fixtures were 

     removed and replaced. New ceiling was textured to match existing home and crown

     molding was added to finish off the transformation. New doors were also installed with custom,

     modern style, trim which was milled by Marcolini Inc. specifically for this bathroom.

     The existing floor was repaired and the grout was replaced to make it look new. 

     Marcolini Inc. custom built and installed a six foot long spice maple vanity and matching 

     30x40 framed mirrors. After helping owner install jet tub, a custom tile surround was designed 

     and installed by Marcolini Inc. The owners selected a large 16x16 tile for the field and a brick 

     pattern tile for the accent stripe. When two inset storage shelves were added, the design all 

     came together. The owners of this bathroom were so happy with the outcome, they have hired 

     Marcolini Inc. to completely remodel their master bathroom and kitchen as well.



    This was a custom office furniture project. Marcolini Inc. designed, constructed and installed custom office

    furniture for this home office. The owner already owned a nice oak desk which was used as a inspiration piece.

    new shelves and worktable were built to maximize storage and function. Custom oak crown mould was 

    also made special for this job. This project is a great example of what a home office can be with the 

    help of Marcolini Inc.



     This bathroom was completely remodeled by Marcolini Inc. All existing fixtures and flooring were 

     removed and replaced. The homeowner selected a standard floor and shower tile pattern which

     compliments the clean lines of the new bathroom design. Marcolini Inc. custom built and installed 

     the vanity and tub skirt to coordinate with the existing cedar walls. We also installed the glass

     block wall to enclose the new shower stall. Two stand out features of this project are the 

     lighted stain glass doors in the vanity and two arts and crafts wall sconces mounted 

     directly on the existing mirror. The bathroom also features in floor radiant heat installed 

     by Marcolini Inc. 

      *All plumbing work for this project was completed by Bondurant Plumbing of Hillsboro.



     This kitchen was remodeled by Marcolini Inc. Existing cabinets were reconfigured to form a square island

     in the middle of kitchen. The original dark wood wall and base cabinets were given a entirely new look by painting them white 

     and performing a sanded edge ageing technique on them. A custom pantry was built by Marcolini Inc. to match the original 

     cabinets and crown mould was added to all the cabinets to tie them all together. This turned out to be a very economical 

     way to achieve a new kitchen look without a completely new set of cabinets. Marcolini Inc. also leveled existing floor

     and installed hand scraped oak wide plank flooring.



    This is a hair salon project completed by Marcolini Inc. The building was formerly a one car garage with a concrete floor.

    The exiting door was removed and the front was rebuilt and sided to achieve the look shown. Then interior was completely

    outfitted with insulated walls and ceilings, finished drywall, accessible bathroom and beautiful finishes. Cabinetry was 

    purchased bare (unfinished) and were stained and varnished to match all the new trim. Marcolini Inc. designed and 

    constructed the one of a kind sign and sign bracket as well. It was built of cedar with raised letters on both sides. 



     This is a custom, one of a kind bathroom vanity designed and built by Marcolini Inc. The owner of this home

     gave Marcolini Inc. almost complete artistic freedom with only the style and a small sketch to work from. 

     This vanity was built to look old with the antique finish and classic hardware. Even the drawer

     slides were selected for their authentic feel (hardwood slides). Marcolini Inc. also built and installed the marble

     countertop and wood edging. Wood flooring shown in photos above was installed in about eighty percent of the home 

     by Marcolini Inc. 



      This was a once in a lifetime project for Marcolini Inc. The owner of this home had a room that was 

     divided with a set of standard style pine french doors. While antiquing, the owner found a set of original

      Arts and Craft style panels. Unfortunately the panels were too small be use as doors and in poor 

      condition. After the panels were restored by Marcolini Inc., they were  inset into the original doors. 

      These doors are a great illustration of what can come from a little imagination.  Handmade hardware 

      was ordered and installed to finish off the transformation. 



      This bathroom was completely rebuilt with modern finishes and fixtures. Marcolini Inc. was

      responsible for the ceramic tile design and installation for this project. The homeowners

      selected a "hopscotch" pattern for the floor and a combination of 12x12 and 6x6 for the

      tub surround. Decorative border was created from standard 6x6 tiles to add interest to the

      pattern. The bathroom also features in floor radiant heat installed by Marcolini Inc.  

     *The general contractor for this project was Holcomb Construction Inc. of Hillsboro.

     *All plumbing work for this project was completed by Bondurant Plumbing of Hillsboro.



       This bathroom was given a facelift by Marcolini Inc. Original carpet and linoleum was removed

     and a new tile floor was installed. A forty-five degree pattern was selected by the owner to give

     the room a larger feel. The original dark wood vanity was given a entirely new look by painting it white 

     then performing a sanded edge ageing technique on it. The end result was a new looking vanity at a 

     fraction of the price of a custom piece. 



     This fireplace surround was designed and built by Marcolini Inc. We also 

     installed and finished the wide plank pine flooring throughout most of the home. 











































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