Marcolini Inc. purchased the building commonly known as The Hillsboro Ice Plant in March of 2010.

 The building was actually a substation house built by Southern Illinois Light and Power Company

 in the early 1900s. The restoration of this great old building is underway at this time. Marcolini Inc.

 will be transforming it back to its original beauty. There has been a lot of interest in the buildings final use ...

 for now that will remain an open ended question.



   October 2011

   The first Marcolini Inc. sign is up on the building and the exterior lights are on for the first time in years. 

   The area where the sign is will eventually have a new window in it. For now it is great to see the logo on 

   the building that will soon be the world headquarters for Marcolini Inc. 




   July 2011

   These photos show the front elevation as the ramp was being removed. The steel beams were recycled 

   and the proceeds went towards the excavating work shown above.




   April 2010

   These photos are of the first weekend of work on the building. Trees were being removed and the porch 

   area was removed. Notice the two power poles hooked to the front of the building. Ameren has since

   relocated them to a single pole out of the way. A special thanks to Ameren for accommodating our progress. 






   Around 1925







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